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This Links Page acts as a Reference and Bibliography for Works Cited as my sources, which I have utilised in my research associated with the historical record of Ben Hall and his Associates.

NOTE.  While it is not claimed that no errors have crept into the following narrative, the author, on having carefully consulted official documents, newspapers of the time, and other sources of information, believes that he is justified in describing the website as an authentic account of the Life and Times of Ben Hall and his Associates, Adversaries and Family. The source of all Newspaper accounts. New Zealand Newspapers past. Exceptionally good reference on the Aboriginal Trackers of the Australian Police forces. The Birth of White Australia. The Battle of Lambing Flat by Frank Clune. Squatters act 1846. Lists landholders in the Lachlan District and adjacent areas. Parramatta Female Factory.  Site for John Vane biography by Craig Bratby.
The above link takes you to John Vane's Biography and his first-hand account of life within the gang as told to Charles White. The biography is in many cases, completely out of context as to continuity of time and place, however, it highlights life in the gang and some of the friction amongst the men. Creates a false impression regarding Hall's character. Vane's as well deflects his own culpability in atrocities i.e. Barnes murder. Attack at Keighltley's. 'After Many Days' by Cuthbert Fetherstonhaugh. Referrers to Frank Gardiner's father Charles Christie. 'The Trooper Police of Australia', by A.L. Haydon. 1911  1900's silent film of Robbery under Arms Robbery Under Arms. 1957 film with Peter Finch and directed by Jack Lee.  This is great footage of Kelly's story and worth a look.  Back to Molong Celebrations 1928. This publication features a rare photograph of George Burgess who was present at the Eugowra Gold Escort Robbery conducted by Frank Gardiner June 1862. See page 47. The film is part of a recording from Wild Australia’s performance of ‘The Kelly Gang’ that took place at London’s Crystal Palace as part of the Festival of Empire in 1911 and thought to be based on the siege at Glenrowan and the murder of Sherritt. Silent film of Thunderbolt, great footage. 'Three years with Thunderbolt' by Ambrose Pratt: being the narrative of William Monckton who for three years attended the famous outlaw, Frederick Ward, better known as Captain Thunderbolt, as a servant, companion, and intimate friend: during which period he shared the bushranger's crimes and perils, and was twice severely wounded in encounters with the police. Radio play Rogues Gallery on Capt Moonlight. Debate on the prerogative of pardon as involved in the release of Gardiner & other prisoners. Speeches-by The Hon. Henry Parkes, Colonial Secretary against Mr Combes' motion intercepting supply, June 1874. 'For the Term of His Natural Life' is a 1927 Australian film, based on the novel by Marcus Clarke, directed, produced and co-written by Norman Dawn. Very good.   "The story of the Australian Bushrangers" by George Boxall - Unfortunately much of the history has proven inaccurate. "Ben Hall Bushranger" by D.J. Shiel - Quite good although suffers from some inaccuracies and assumptions.  'The Adventures of Ralph Rashleigh' -- republished by Lloyd O'Neil 1970 (The ship Magnet referred to is actually Midas, research indicates there is no record of a ship Magnet in the Australian history of convict transport.The reputed author was James Tucker who knew Ben Hall's father onboard the Midas.)  'The Felony of New South Wales: Being a Faithful Picture of the Real Romance', by James Mudie. James Mudie was the most merciless of convict employers.  'Frank Gardiner, Ben Hall and Gang', by Jack Bradshaw A very badly constructed and misleading account of Ben Hall and others. Some of the material appears to be plagiarised from John Maguire's book. 'After many days' being the reminiscences of Cuthbert Fetherstonhaugh. An account of Gardiner's capture. see page 246. 'Those Were the Days'; Fitzpatrick, J. C. L. (John Charles Lucas) see page 124 titled Dan Mayne and Sir Frederick Pottinger. One of the very best accounts of the demise of the gallant Baronet.   Mitchell and Dixson collections. Outlaws of the Weddin Range, by Ambrose Pratt, A great mixture of fiction and non-fiction about Ben Hall first published on the 4th November 1911. Well worth reading. 'History of Australian Bushranging, Vol 1', by Mr Charles White, Published 1900. Covers a wide range of bushranger history. Quite good in detail. 'History of Australian Bushranging, Vol 2', by Mr. Charles White, Published 1900. Covers a wide range of bushranger history. Quite good.  'Early History of Bathurst and its surrounds'. by Grace Heady-Pooley. Published in 1905 Old Pioneering Days in the Sunny South, by Chas MacAlister. The section on Ben Hall is excellent. 'Hunted down, or, Recollections of crimes & criminals of the Australian colonies from the early days to the present time', E. Graveur, 1882. Some falsehoods but quite good. 'Life of John Wesley Hardin' as Written by Himself was published in 1896. One of America's most prolific bushrangers. 'LIFE AND ADVENTURES OF FRANK AND JESSE JAMES, THE NOTED WESTERN OUTLAWS'. BY HON. J. A. DACUS, Ph. D. 'Jessie James my Father' Written in 1899 by Jessie James Junior  Short history of bushrangers incarcerated at Darlinghurst Gaol.  'The History of Carcoar 1815-1881' by Mr Watson A Steel. Very Good. A copy of the 'Felons Apprehension Act' 8th April 1865 passed by NSW parliament for the shooting on sight of Hall Gilbert and Dunn. Must read to understand the act. This is a link to the landscape and places John Vane and Ben Hall & Co. operated around. Many thanks to Craig Bratby for this work. Bravo Zulu. This link will open John McGuire's narrative 'The Biography of a Reliable Old Native', written by W.H. Pinkstone, First published in serial form in the 'Hawkesbury Herald', after many interviews and fireside chats. Quite good, however, some sections are misleading and out of context. On the whole very useful on the breakdown of Ben Hall.  Occupation of Crown Lands. [18th October 1861.] An Act for regulating the Occupation of Crown Lands. Ben Hall fell under this act following Mr Wilson's possession of Sandy Creek Station which enabled Hall's home to be destroyed. Must read. This is a link to a very good autobiography published in 1928 by a person who goes by the name of 'Four-Score', titled the Tales of the Bushranging Days, and is very accurate regarding the times of Gardiner, Gilbert, and Ben Hall and the Lachlan district.  The link is the story of James Alpin MacPherson who rode from Queensland to the Lachlan to join Ben Hall, late 1864, early 1865 and was subsequently captured by Sir Frederick Pottinger and would eventually be imprisoned on St Helena Island in Moreton Bay, Queensland. The good old days of Molong, by John Charles Lucas Fitzpatrick. Quite good.
'Past and Present Australian Life', by The Rev. J.H.L. Zillman. If you have trouble search title name and follow prompts. This link is to the journal of Arthur Phillip commander of the first fleet, and the founding father of Australia. 'The Lone Hand' by George Quicke, published in 1911, a somewhat true account of the night of terror faced by Henry Keightley and family. This manuscript also has margin notes from Peter Rotton, brother of Caroline Keightley. Some inaccuracies but on the whole useful to the researcher. Bailliere's New South Wales 1866 gazetteer and road guide: containing the most recent and accurate information as to every place in the colony: with a map by Bailliere (F. F.) (Firm); Whitworth, Robert P. (Robert Percy), 1831-1901. Brilliant!  Our Portrait Gallery.-NO. XL. The Right Hon. Sir Henry Pottinger, Bart., G.C.B. See pages 426 through to 442. The memoir of Sir Henry Pottinger father of Sir Frederick Pottinger.  'Robbery Under Arms'; by Rolf Bolderwood ( a work of fiction centered around historical bushranger events, fabulous.)  'Old Bush Songs'; Composed and sung in the bushranging, digging, and Overlander days. Edited by A.B. Paterson.  "Australian Pioneers and Reminiscences" by Mr Bartley. This link will access the wonderful books of Joanna Davis on Sub-inspector William O'Neill who faced Ben Hall at Jugiong in November 1864 the encounter that saw the death of Sgt Parry shot dead by John Gilbert. 1. The O'Neills of Queanbeyan 2. The Queanbeyan O'Neills, A Concise Genealogy. A must-read.  THE EARLY HISTORY OF ROCKHAMPTON, DEALING CHIEFLY WITH EVENTS UP TILL 1870. REVISED AND REPRINTED PROM ARTICLES THAT APPEARED IN "THE MORNING BULLETIN" AND "THE CAPRICORNIA." by J. T. S. BIRD. Pages 246-256 relate to Frank Gardiner's capture at Apis Creek in March 1864.  THIS IS AN EXTRACT FROM MARTIN BRENNAN’S HANDWRITTEN “POLICE HISTORY OF NOTORIOUS BUSHRANGERS” COVERS THE ATTEMPT TO ROB THE ARALUEN GOLD ESCORT BY HALL, GILBERT AND DUNN William Westwood (alias Jackey Jackey), the Gentleman Bushranger. Autobiography in Westwood's own handwriting. "I now bid the world adieu and all it contains." William Westwood. Also, see the article for Saturday 7th April 1894. Saturday 14th April 1894.  Australian Dictionary of Dates and Men of the Time. Published in one volume in 1879. By J.H. Heaton.  The True Story of the Kelly Gang by C.H. Chomley 1900. Attached for interest. Sir Henry Parkes: Fifty years in making Australian History; Page 328 -357 concerns the activities in the NSW parliament regarding Frank Gardiner's release and the predicament faced by then Governor Robinson in the events leading up to his freedom and exile.

For those who wish I have a PDF copy of 'A splendid type of the genuine English gentleman; Sir Frederick William Pottinger, Bart. 1831-1865' By PA Seth. Just send me an email and I will pass it on.

Books worth reading. ( Which I own.)

The Wild Colonial Boys; By Frank Clune (The book that sparked my interest in Ben Hall's story c.1973)
Ben Hall Sandy Creek Bushranger; by Mr Edgar Penzig
Ben Hall the Definitive Illustrated History; by Mr Edgar Penzig
Frank Gardiner the Bushranger; by Mr Edgar Penzig
The Clarke Gang: Outlawed, Outcast and Forgotten; by Mr Peter C Smith (All you ever wanted to know about the Jingera Mob.)
The Gold Escort Robbery Trials; by Mr Noel Thurgood (a must-read)
The Judas Covenant; by Mr Peter Bradley (a must-read)
Ben Hall, Stories from the hard road; by Mr Peter Bradley
Billabong Creek Study; by Peter Bradley (Archaeological study of Strickland & Coneley houses near Ben Hall's death site. Excellent must-have.)
In Defence of Life and Property; by Mr Edgar Penzig (Weapons of the bushranger period)
A Real Flash Cove; by Mr Edgar Penzig (story of John Gilbert)
Tracking down the Bushrangers; by Mr Peter C Smith (great reference for bushranger sites) 
Teenage Bushranger; by Mr Kerry Medway
The Story of the Australian Bushrangers; by G. Boxall (See link above)
John Vane, Biography of a Bushranger; by Mr Craig Bratby
Fire in the Blood;  by Mr Robert Macklin (A yarn about Frank Gardiner and complete and utter nonsense even as fiction. Don't bother.)
Ben Hall Bushranger; by Mr D.J. Shiel (see link above) 
The Biography of a Reliable Old Native; written by W.H. Pinkstone(Story of John Maguire's life, narrated by John Maguire to W Pinkstone, see link above.)
The Adventures of  Ralph Rashleigh; republished by Lloyd O'Neil. This relates to Benjamin Hall and the Midas convict ship 1827. ( Fabulous, see link above)
The Felony of New South Wales, Being a Faithful Picture of the Real Romance; by James Mudie(Fabulous, see link above)
The Gold Rush; by David Hill. (a very good read well presented)
Frank Gardiner and Ben Hall; by Jack Bradshaw (See link above) Bradshaw, a petty thief, conman, carnival showman and professional foot-runner, joined a former boxer called "Lovely" Riley in the bungling of several bank robberies. In one successful job, they got away with £2,000, but the Kelly gang got the credit. In their worst effort, they captured the bank manager of Coolah, NSW, but were driven off empty-handed by the midwife attending the manager's wife. Although he managed to get into gaol for minor robberies even after the turn of the century, ' Bradshaw seemed unable to convince the police that he was more than a petty criminal. If not the police, then the public — so notorious Jack Bradshaw returned to showmanship, appearing in tent shows, lecturing, singing and recounting the "true facts" of the careers (his own among them) of most of the folk heroes. He was in good enough company for many genuine bushrangers were showmen, bailing up coaches and pubs with great elan, rubbing the Law's nose in the dirt to the delight of their public. Courtesy Canberra Times, 1967. Much of Bradshaw's effort should be taken with a grain of salt and is pinched from Maguire's book, however, the William Hall input is most exciting and genuine.
Frank Gardiner, Bushranger to Businessman (1830-1904); by Alec Morrison. Based on supposition and long-held misnomers.
Heroes & Villains: An Illustrated History of our Bushranging Days by Edgar Penzig
The Moleskin Gentry; by Frederick Howard
Benjamin Hall and Family; by A.A. McLellan (Well worth a look)
Old Pioneering Days in the Sunny South; by Chas MacAlister (see link above)
1788, The People of the First Fleet; by Don Chapman (Very Good)
The good old days of Molong; by John Charles Lucas Fitzpatrick. (see link above) 
Past and Present Australian Life; by The Rev. J.H.L. Zillman. (see link above)
Bushranging Around Carcoar; by Barry Ledger and Kerry Guerin.
Ben Hall's Treasure; by John Donohoe.
Ben Hall's Last Days; by John Donohoe.
A Yankee Mounted Trooper; by Dick Adams (A very interesting biography on the life of William Hollister, an American who joined the NSW police force out of Forbes 1862-1865 and active against Ben Hall and others.)
Canowindra and the Bushrangers by Frances Robinson.
Australian Heist; by James Phelps. (A novel with many falsehoods.)
Rollin Down the Lachlan; by Frank Clune.
Bushranging in Fact and Legend by R.B. Walker
Trooper Bohan: The shooting of Ben Hall and other stories; by Collin Newsome.
Glenrowan: by Aidan Phelan. The final siege of the hotel at Glenrowan.


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